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Traveling is one of the coolest things in the world, some people say it’s like a drug addiction, but we say
it’s a positive addiction.

Travel arouses this indescribable feeling inside of you, and satisfies your body with excitement. Every trip
you make brings a total new feeling, even if you have visited before.

A lot of people are travel addicts, they just don’t know yet. Take this test to find out if you are;

1) You spend most of your savings on travel; buying travel items, buying travel tickets instead of buying
gadget. Your favorite things to buy are travel related.

2) Your favorite things to read are travel are travel blogs in place of novels or other interesting stories. You
dedicate yourself to reading travel blogs that inspire you to seek out new adventures.

3) Your wallet is filled with different currencies: over the last few months/ years you’ve accumulated tons
of notes /coins in different currencies. It shows you travel a lot.

4) You have friends all over the world; traveling makes it easy to make new friends, because you meet
new people on every trip. If you are the type of person who stays in touch with people you meet, you
probably have a million friends by now.

5) You speak in airport codes not city names; Do you ever mention in a conversation you’ll be flying from
DXB and your friends cant relate, because they would rather say Dubai International Airport. As a
frequent traveler , airport codes are quite normal for you because you’ve seen many airports in the

If your answer to these 5 signs is a “YES” then the diagnosis is obvious. You’re addicted to travel!!!

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